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From Eric Dalquist <eric.dalqu...@doit.wisc.edu>
Subject Cookie Scopes
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 16:24:07 GMT
I've re-read the portlet spec on cookies several times now and one thing 
is still not clear, how are cookies set by portlets scoped?

It seems like there are a few options:

   1. Cookies are scoped the same way Preferences are, to the instance
      of the portlet entity
   2. Cookies are scoped at the definition level, essentially Portlet A
      can share a cookie among any number of users but Portlet B will
      never see it
   3. Cookies are not scoped at all. All portlets work in the same
      general space for cookies and a cookie set by Portlet A can be
      seen by Portlet B

Any thoughts on the intent in the spec?


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