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From Mark Eggers <mdegg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Getting started
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 22:26:51 GMT
On Tue, 07 Sep 2010 22:03:59 +0000, Mark Eggers wrote:

> I'm getting started with portlets, and am having a bit of a challenge.
> I created a new page (HelloPluto), and added the portlet to that page.
> The new page and the portlet show up.
> Unfortunately, the various portlet-modes don't seem to work. VIEW works,
> but selecting HELP or EDIT causes the page to flicker and then the
> portlet returns to the VIEW portlet-mode. Maximize causes the portlet to
> disappear completely from the page, and minimize does nothing.

All modes appear to work if I add a permanent page to Pluto:

In pluto-portal-driver-config.xml, I added:

<page name="Pluto Hello" uri="/WEB-INF/themes/pluto-default-theme.jsp">
  <portlet context="/HelloPluto" name="HelloPluto"/>
  <portlet context="/HelloPluto" name="HelloWorld"/>

since I have two portlets in this particular war file. Now all modes work 
as expected, as well as minimize and maximize.

This is a bit different than the documentation. I'll have to look at the 
source and see if part of the code still refers to the
fragmets/portlet.jsp file (which no longer exists).

Maybe it's time to update that portion of the web site?

. . . . just my two cents.


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