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From Graham Klyne ...@ninebynine.org>
Subject Re: Trying to understand test portal/portlet request handling
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 14:03:47 GMT
David H. DeWolf wrote:
> Sure:
> You're correct, the PortalDriverServlet is the point of entry into the
> portal system.  Once it receives a request, it gathers configuration
> information, processes any requested actions, and and determines which
> resource is used to generate content for that page (that's what
> pageConfig.getUri()).  A request dispatcher is then retrieved for that
> resource, and the request is handed off to that for handling...
> The configuration information which you're probably looking for (which
> is what populates pageConfig.getUri()) resides in
> WEB-INF/pluto-portal-driver-config.xml.  This config file (amoung other
> things) defines the Pages and their backing uri which can be used to
> generate content.  From this file, you can determine that "Test Page" is
> rendered by /WEB-INF/fragments/portlet.jsp.

This is great... just what I needed.  Thanks!

However (inevitably, perhaps), in the spirit on "no good deed goes
unpunished", no good answer fails to beget another question ;-) ...

I'm now looking at:
    <render-config default="Test Page">
        <page name="Test Page" uri="/WEB-INF/fragments/portlet.jsp">
            <portlet context="/testsuite" name="TestPortlet1"/>
            <portlet context="/testsuite" name="TestPortlet2"/>
        <page name="Secondary Page" uri="/WEB-INF/fragments/portlet.jsp">
            <portlet context="/testsuite" name="TestPortlet1"/>
            <portlet context="/testsuite" name="TestPortlet2"/>
        <page name="About Pluto" uri="/WEB-INF/fragments/about.jsp"/>
-- pluto-portal/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/pluto-portal-driver-config.xml

and also: [http://www.developer.com/java/web/article.php/3554396],

And I'm not clear about the 'context="/testsuite"' attribute here.  From
Tomcat configuration, I'm expecting the context to be the URI path
through which resource rendering is retrieved, but that doesn't seem to
be the case here.   I might hazard a guess that this context is the
directory, relative to the Tomcat webapps directory (or the effective
root directory for servlets) in which the portlet code is run.  Am I far
wrong, or is there a completely different explanation.

I assume the "name=" attributes here are the names of the portlets (or
servlets) whose joint content is included by <pluto:render> in the JSPs?


Working my way down through the chain of command, I end up in class
testPortlet.java, which I can see appears to run tests provided by
various servlets and test pages, but I can't see any logic to render the
front page of the test portal (the one with the names of the text cases
and the "Test" links; e.g. included in the display of

Am I close, or just wandering in the woods here?  Can you provide any
further hint?


I'm adding my notes about all this to the wiki page at:
(see section "Request flows in Pluto 1.1").  I'd appreciate any comments
and corrections regarding what I've found.


Graham Klyne
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