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From Mehmet Baris KARAKAYA <mbar...@gmail.com>
Subject Pluto on Websphere
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 08:00:04 GMT
Hi all,

I have newly configure pluto to run on Websphere app. serv. Although,
I have developed portlets and reference in portletentityregistry.xml,
pageregistry.xml and portletcontexts.txt files, the portlets do not
work. The Null pointer exception from pluto portlet invoker is thrown.

First of all I'm sure about the configuration parameters in above
config files are true.
I wonder if the problem is the directory hierarchy of web applications
in Websphere app. server. Because WEB-INF directory that holds
portlet.xml files is under the WebContent directory in web

In the source code of PortletDefinitionRegistryServiceContextImpl
class, the method loadApplicationDefinition includes the line

java.io.InputStream stream =

May there be an error of finding the portlet.xml file as seen below. 
Can above line be   

java.io.InputStream stream =

for Websphere web applications. Is this finding no sense and whether
the WEB-INF directory of portlet application is under WebContent
directory is no matter ?

I'm looking forward to hearing from u...

warm regards


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