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From Matthew Ingenthron <Matt.Ingenth...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: deploying portlets to Pluto binary distribution
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:32:42 GMT
Hi Bill,

While I work for Sun, I am in no way involved in product engineering or
the JSR, but I do use the portlet spec, pluto, and products that include
it, so take everything I say with a grain of salt!  :)

Can't answer the first one-- I've not tried anything like that, but I've
been meaning to.

As far as the 2nd one, it's absolutely intended that people include
things like Struts, Tiles, JSF, etc.  In fact, the JSF team has always
targeted portlets as a place to deploy JSF applications.  They've
recently formalized that a bit more and you can see their stuff on

I do know at least one implementation (Sun's!) allows direct access, as
long as you specify a JSP or something along those lines.  Since there
is no doGet/Post method, I don't think the portlet can directly respond
to a browser request to it.  Nor should you expect it to be able to, as
I don't believe GenericPortlet extends/implements everything to be a
servlet.  I guess you could have another class in there too.. However,
I'm of the opinion that you're asking for trouble if you try to make
that one WAR do multiple things.  I guess I see it as abuse.  :)

Longer term, you'd likely see some portion of the code that needs to do
some kind of integration with the portal and/or have interdependencies
that you need to keep separate (i.e. different JARs or something like
that).  That'd be harder if you intend to deploy the same WAR multiple

I think it could be practical to have one common source code base that
builds two different WARs, one a portlet, the other your generic webapp.
 Then you'd only need a couple build processes.  The same concerns about
integration with the portal container being divergent from where you
deploy the webapp applies though.

I hope that helps some,

- Matt

Matt Ingenthron - Technical Specialist, Web Services 
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Client Solutions
email: matt.ingenthron@sun.com             Phone: 310-242-6439

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From: Bill Schneider <bschneider@vecna.com>
Date: Monday, February 28, 2005 11:21 am
Subject: deploying portlets to Pluto binary distribution

> Hello,
> Is it possible to deploy portlets to Pluto (1.0.1 rc2) without 
> using 
> maven and the source distribution?  I'm looking for a way to hack 
> the 
> XML files by hand for now, but can't seem to figure out from the 
> website 
> or the mail archives what the right magic is.
> Related question: is it reasonable to have a WAR that is itself a 
> full-fledged J2EE webapp with Struts, Tiles, etc. that *also* 
> provides 
> portlets for use in a JSR-168 portal?  Would that be considered a 
> goal 
> of JSR-168, an inadvertent benefit, or an abuse?
> -- Bill
> -- 
> Bill Schneider
> Chief Architect
> Vecna Technologies
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> College Park, MD 20740
> bschneider@vecna.com
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