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From Bill Schneider <bschnei...@vecna.com>
Subject Re: deploying portlets to Pluto binary distribution
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 22:41:18 GMT
> I do know at least one implementation (Sun's!) allows direct access, as
> long as you specify a JSP or something along those lines.  Since there
> is no doGet/Post method, I don't think the portlet can directly respond
> to a browser request to it.  Nor should you expect it to be able to, as
> I don't believe GenericPortlet extends/implements everything to be a
> servlet.  I guess you could have another class in there too.. However,
> I'm of the opinion that you're asking for trouble if you try to make
> that one WAR do multiple things.  I guess I see it as abuse.  :)

The point is not so much to have the *portal* directly access the JSPs, 
servlets, etc. in an existing WAR, but to have the WAR supply multiple 
views into the same business logic.  I see this as not much different 
than providing a user interface and SOAP-based web-services in the same 
WAR, backed by the same business components.

In effect, what I'd like to be able to do is take an existing, 
standalone WAR, and leave it mostly as-is, but add some portlets 
incrementally.  This would allow the application to supply some summary 
information to a portal, where it would be aggregated with information 
from other applications on a dashboard-type page.  The portlets would 
then link to the full-blown application.

I acknowledge that, in the EJB world, the "right" solution is to use 
session EJBs for the business logic, then you have a single EAR file 
with two different WARs for the webapp and portlet.  Then there is no 
real question about how to keep a single WAR, because your re-used 
business logic is in an ejb-jar file.  But is there a comparable good 
solution for the POJO world?

-- Bill
Bill Schneider
Chief Architect

Vecna Technologies
5004 Lehigh Rd., Suite B
College Park, MD 20740
t: 301-864-7253 x1140
f: 301-699-3180

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