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From "David H. DeWolf" <ddew...@apache.org>
Subject Re: deploying portlets to Pluto binary distribution
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2005 20:44:47 GMT
Hi Bill,

Please see my responses below:

Bill Schneider wrote:
> Hello,
> Is it possible to deploy portlets to Pluto (1.0.1 rc2) without using 
> maven and the source distribution?  I'm looking for a way to hack the 
> XML files by hand for now, but can't seem to figure out from the website 
> or the mail archives what the right magic is.

Yes, there are a couple of other options:

1) Use the Ant deployer
2) Use the Deployer directly (see org.apache.pluto.portalImpl.Deploy)

That said, deployment is probably one of the biggest "holes" that we're 
currently addressing and trying to simplify.  Craig has recently 
provided some admin portlets which have been committed and will be 
included in the rc3 release.

> Related question: is it reasonable to have a WAR that is itself a 
> full-fledged J2EE webapp with Struts, Tiles, etc. that *also* provides 
> portlets for use in a JSR-168 portal?  Would that be considered a goal 
> of JSR-168, an inadvertent benefit, or an abuse?

Yes; I would consider it reasonable.  Since I'm not on the JSR EG I 
can't say it was a necessarily a goal (though I wouldn't be surprised), 
but it is something that I've seen and consider to be "a good idea" in 
some instances.

Specifically, I would think this is reasonable in an application where 
you require more than one "view".  The views (a portlet view and a 
webapp view), may share all of the same business objects and application 
logic, thus requiring the same libraries.  Perhaps there is even 
interaction between the two "views"  -- for instance the Portlets 
provide "overview" information and allow a user to "dive deeper" into 
the "full" application.

> -- Bill

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