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From cdore...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r280898 - /portals/pluto/trunk/xdocs/roadmap.xml
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 18:09:42 GMT
Author: cdoremus
Date: Wed Sep 14 11:09:37 2005
New Revision: 280898

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs?rev=280898&view=rev
Updated with Pluto 1.1 info.


Modified: portals/pluto/trunk/xdocs/roadmap.xml
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewcvs/portals/pluto/trunk/xdocs/roadmap.xml?rev=280898&r1=280897&r2=280898&view=diff
--- portals/pluto/trunk/xdocs/roadmap.xml (original)
+++ portals/pluto/trunk/xdocs/roadmap.xml Wed Sep 14 11:09:37 2005
@@ -41,24 +41,28 @@
     Several people have suggested a revolutionary approach to
     Pluto's implementation.  The suggestion centers around the
     complexity of the current implementation and a desire to
-    make Pluto more "container like".  In the future, a 
-    second generation of pluto may be implemented to simplify
-    Pluto's implemetation and to use more standard design
-    patterns.  IoC has been mentioned as a possible container
-    design.
+    make Pluto more "container like". 
+    <a href="1.1/index.html">Pluto 1.1</a>, a second
+    generation implementation, is an attempt to do just that.
+    It uses the <a href="http://www.springframework.org/">Spring Framework</a>
+    to make the portlet container and portal easier to set up,
+    modify and use.
   <subsection name="To Do List">
-    <li>JavaDoc, JavaDoc, JavaDoc</li>
-    <li>Documentation, Documentation, Documentation</li>
+    <li>Add more Documentation, especially for the 1.1 branch</li>
     <li>Flush out the FAQ documentation.</li>
+    <li>Support User Information Attributes.</li>
+    <li>Enable user-specific Portlet Preferences as required by the spec</li>
+    <li>Add user registration to the admin portlet app to support the previous two
     <li>Support custom portlet modes and window states.</li>
-    <li>Support User profile attributes.</li>
     <li>Enable PortletURL.setSecure</li>
     <li>Create Windows Installer</li>
+    <li>Enhance admin portlets to support hot deployment and allow runtime changes
in portlet app layout</li>
+    <li>Support themes or skins for the Portal</a>

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