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From Martin Scott Nicklous <Scott.Nickl...@de.ibm.com>
Subject Pluto in Eclipse
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2013 13:31:47 GMT

Does anyone have any experience working with the Pluto project in Eclipse?

I use eclipse with Subversive and the M2E Maven plugin, and keep getting
strange error messages when importing the Pluto source or when I rebuild
Pluto from the command line.

I checked out the Pluto source from SVN. I can build Pluto from the command
line with "mvn install" with no problem. But when I import the Pluto source
into eclipse using "Import -> Existing Maven Projects" and selecting the
directory for the .../pluto/trunk, I get strange error messages when the
projects are imported, like:

* Execution default-cli of goal
org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-resources-plugin:2.4:copy-resources failed.
* An error occurred while filtering resources
* maven-remote-resources-plugin (goal "process") is ignored by m2e.

The first two problems I could only get rid of by deleting the error
markers after having determined that the resources were actually filtered
properly (which is naturally not a very nice way of doing it ...). The
third problem has to do with a missing maven lifecycle mapping for m2e, and
I found a fix for that - a lifecycle mapping definition for m2e would need
to be put into the .../pluto/pom.xml file in the <pluginManagement>

                                    <execute />

However, all the problems I have been having lead me to believe that I
might not be going about it in the right way.

Does anyone successfully use Eclipse to work with Pluto? If so, how do you
go about importing Pluto into Eclipse without a lot of errors?

thanks for any pointers,

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