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From Martin Scott Nicklous <Scott.Nickl...@de.ibm.com>
Subject Portlet Specification 3.0
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 14:12:59 GMT


I would like to announce the Portlet Specification 3.0 development effort
to the Apache Pluto project.

In the way of introduction - my name is Scott Nicklous, and I work for IBM
in the WebSphere Portal development group. Late last year, there was
thought about an effort to create the next version of the portlet
specification. I submitted a proposal to the JCP organization, it got
accepted, and now we have a JSR 362 Portlet Specification 3.0 effort up and

The specification effort is at in an early stage. Actually, the JSR 362 EG
is currently talking about errata for the JSR 286 specification that need
to be addressed. We haven't yet begun discussion of new topics, so now
would still be a good time to get involved. We have several web sites that
you can visit to get an overview of what we want to accomplish and what we
have done so far.

* The JCP organization main page for JSR 362:

* On the JSR 362 project page, you can find high-level bullet items of
proposed topics: https://java.net/projects/portletspec3.

* For now, at least, we will be developing the Portlet Specification 3
interfaces using Github as a source repository:
https://github.com/msnicklous/portletspec3 . We want to start with the
repository for the interface code on github because several of the JSR 362
EG members (including myself!) have not been active on Apache and in
particular are not committers to the Apache Portals project , but are
active on github. Being hosted on github will make it easier for all EG
members to make contributions.

With the Apache Portals project hosting the Pluto Reference Implementation
and interface code for the previous JSR 286 & JSR 168 versions of the
portlet specification, I think it would be very good if members of the
Apache Portals project would participate in the development of the Portlet
Specification Version 3.0.

I would also like to address hosting for the JSR 362 work. There is a
near-term and longer-term component to this question.

In the near term there is need for hosting the evolving interface code that
will eventually become the Portlet Specification 3.0 interface. To begin
with, there are changes to be made that involve clarifications and
corrections to the JSR 286 specification.  Later, changes and additions
will need be made to address new technical themes. The interface code for
the current JSR 286 specification is hosted in the Apache Portals project
SVN repository under portlet_spec/portlet-api_2.0_spec. The JSR 362
interface code is currently hosted on github, but eventually I think it
should be hosted under the Apache Portals project, since versions 1.0 & 2.0
of the spec are already hosted here. I would be interested in your ideas
about when & how the interface code should be hosted on Apache.

In the longer term, I would like to explore the possibility of hosting the
JSR 362 Portlet Specification 3.0 reference implementation and TCK under
the Pluto project. Would you be interested in hosting this and
participating in the development of the JSR 362 RI & TCK?  Since the JSR
362 effort is at an early stage, it will probably be some time before any
work would start, but I wanted get your ideas on this early on.

There would be several ways of getting involved:

1) You can follow the deliberations of the JSR 362 EG by keeping up to date
with the project website and subscribing to the JSR 362 Observers mailing
list at: https://java.net/projects/portletspec3/lists . The
jsr362-observers list is open to all, and all posts to the jsr362-experts
list are automatically mirrored to the observers list, so you won't miss
anything by subscribing to that list. The project site also hosts the
current version of the spec itself along with accompanying documentation
(have alook at the wiki and download pages on that site).

2) You may wish to become members of the JSR 362 Expert group. There are
certain formalities involved, since JCP processes have to be followed, but
if you are interested, I would be happy to explore this possibility with

3) You can post your ideas for new features here, or send them to me. I see
that there is an issue tracker for Pluto, but I have to admit that I
haven't examined the items to determine whether it contains new feature
requests or potential spec corrections that the JSR 362 EG needs to take
into account (I'm new to Apache, so please bear with me).

I would be very interested in your ideas for improvements and new features
for the Portlet Specification 3.0 and also  in your views on the
organizational topics mentioned above.

I hope this mail finds your interest, and I look forward to working with

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Martin Scott (Scott) Nicklous

WebSphere Portal Standardization Lead & Technology Consultant
Specification Lead, JSR 362 Portlet Specification 3.0
IBM Software Group, IBM Collaboration Solutions
 Phone:            +49-7031-16-4808           IBM Deutschland Research &           (Embedded

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 E-Mail:           scott.nicklous@de.ibm.com  Schoenaicher Str. 220                      
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 GmbH /                                                                                  
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