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From CDore...@hannaford.com
Subject Re: Moving toward a Pluto 1.1 beta release
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 16:15:36 GMT
Hi Elliot,

I thought that there would be a problem.  There might be a problem in 
DeployWarService.updateWebXml(), which
adds the PortletServlet info to web.xml. In doing so, it makes sure that 
the servlet and servlet-mapping elements for PortletServlet are placed in 
the proper order, which requires that it iterate through every element 
web.xml before servlet or servlet-mapping. There might be a problem if 
there are new elements in the servlet 2.4 spec. So take a look to see 
whether the PortletServlet elements got added properly. If there are other 
issues, please let me know.


Elliot Metsger <emetsger@jhu.edu> 
04/19/2006 10:14 AM
Please respond to


Re: Moving toward a Pluto 1.1 beta release

Elliot Metsger wrote:
> Hi Craig,
> I'll perform both tests below; I totally understand the prioritation - 
> no problem there :-)  I'll report back.

Definitly a problem which manifests itself in the Pluto Portal invoker 
when deploying a 2.4 servlet via the admin portlet app.  I'm digging...

> Elliot
> CDoremus@hannaford.com wrote:
>> Hi Elliot,
>> Thanks for the update on your patches to Pluto 1.0.1. Right now I am 
>> concentrating on getting Pluto 1.1-beta1 out the door.
>> I hope to get to your applying your patches to the 1.0.2 branch, but 
>> that is not a big priority right now.  One thing that I am concerned 
>> about is how your patch effects the Admin Portlets in Pluto 1.0.1. 
>> Have you tested this? If not, can you test an Admin Portlet deployment 
>> with 1). A portlet bundled with a Servlet 2.3 compliant web.xml and 
>> 2). A portlet bundled with a Servlet 2.4 compliant web.xml?
>> TIA
>> /Craig


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