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From Yujin Kim <netexplode.l...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Seperate Taglibs into Subproject?
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 03:15:16 GMT

Yes I will submit the patch in a couple of days.
The code is there.  I just need to do some more testing.

As for the project setup, I think standard-taglib has a good setup.
they have 

where commons contains base classes or base support classes, then the
implementation classes or subclasses go under el and rt.

This is more of package organization than project setup, though.

On 9/3/05, David H. DeWolf <ddewolf@apache.org> wrote:
> We've had a suggestion that we add an "alternate" taglib which provides
> el support.  (It even looks like Yujin Kim is going to submit a patch
> for it.).
> This brings the question to my mind - should we seperate the taglib
> implementation from the container?  Specifically, in 1.1, I'm thinking
> of abstracting the tags into 2 subprojects:
> portlet-taglib (includes current org.apache.pluto.tags)
> portlet-taglib-el (includes new org.apache.pluto.tags.el)
> Currently these are part of the pluto-container subproject.
> Personally, I don't feel this is necessary in 1.0.1 since we're so close
> to finalizing it.
> Thoughts?
> David

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