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From David Dyer <dd...@artifact-software.com>
Subject Re: Login blocked until the user signs the consent form
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:16:08 GMT
Still not quite working. No errors though so at least that's alright.

What I've done:

Compiled the RoleCheckValve (after adding some logging) into a jar and 
put the jar in tomcat shared/lib (all jetspeed dependencies are already 
there jetspeed-api, jetspeed-portal and jetspeed-security) .

Using the j2-admin profiler I added the profiling rule (as described in 
your post to add to j2-seed) with
Td: roleCheckRedirectRule "
Title" (the field should probably say "desscription") :redirect on Role 
Check existance)
Rule class: 
org.apache.jetspeed.profiler.rules.impl.StandardProfilingRule (following 
the example of the security rule)
Name: page
Resolver Type: hard.coded

used the j2-admin user management portlet to give the role to a user.

Added the valve definition bean to pipelines.xml in 

added the reference to the bean in between the localizationValve and 
passwordCredentialValve in the JetspeedPilpeline as well as in between 
the localizationValve and the loginValidationValve in the 
ConfigurePipeline AND, finally between the localizationValve and the 
loginViewValve in the LoginPipeline.

When I start up tomcat I see the bean get instantiated in my logs, but 
when I login the test user with the role, I never see the invoke method 
get called.

Attached pipelines.xml

David Sean Taylor wrote:
> On Oct 15, 2008, at 1:29 PM, David Dyer wrote:
>> After looking a bit further I have another question:
>> what does this line do?
>> <meta key="j2:cat" value="default" />
> If you are not using 2.2, ignore that. I didn't mean to include it in 
> my example, as its not valid in 2.1.3 or before
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