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From "Timony, Michael" <Michael.Tim...@fmr.com>
Subject RE: How to deploy jetspeed2.1 on WAS 6.1?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 16:07:38 GMT
You need to be using WAS or higher, I think the latest version

There are 3 thing that will make you stumble when installing on WAS. 

First, you need to make a WAS Shared Library. Make a directory, named
Jetspeed, under ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT}/optionalLibraries/Apache . And copy
the following files there:


(If your using 2.1.2 then the jetspeed-api jar will be named
jetspeed-api-2.1.1-dev.jar and so on).

Then in the WAS console, define the Shared Library under the environment
section. Make sure to enter the five jars into the Classpath field and
make sure they are separated with a carriage-return (if not it won't
work). So the Classpath field will look like this:


Secondly, you need to make a new classloader for the server instance
you'll install jetspeed on and reference the shared libraries from

Select the server to install Jetspeed on, and then expand the Java and
Process Management section and then click on Classloader. 
>From the Classloader page, click New.
On General Properties, set Classloader order to Classes loaded with
parent class loader first. Click OK, and then Save.
Then click on the classloader, then click on the Shared libraries
references link. Created a new shared library reference for the server
by clicking on add and select the Jetspeed shared library.

Next install the Jetspeed war, make sure you map this to the web server
and app server. When you install your portal war files, make sure NOT to
map them to the web server or app server.

Thirdly, when you create your datasources, make sure the jndi name is
jndi/jetspeed (you'll need to do this before you install your Portal and
make your restart WAS after creating the datasource and doing the Shared

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From: David Sean Taylor [mailto:david@bluesunrise.com] 
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2007 1:45 PM
To: Jetspeed Users List
Subject: Re: How to deploy jetspeed2.1 on WAS 6.1?

Installing onto 6.1 is not trivial but can be done, which I have done
many times. I don't think I have the time to explain it all here though
as its not an open source app server

On Nov 4, 2007, at 7:49 AM, Bob Song wrote:

> Hi all,
>    I'm developing our web application on jetspeed 2 with the 
> environment of tomcat installed by the GUI installer under Win Xp now 
> . But our production environment is WAS6.1Base under Solaris.
> I'm not familiar with Maven or WAS, and I have no any confidence with 
> the deployment task ahead without a step-by-step instruction.
>    So where could I get such kind of instruction?
>    Thanks.
>    Below are the conditions of my project in details:
>    1. The WAS6.1 and Oracle are already installed in the remote 
> production server. And I can't reinstall them freely.
>    2. The configuration of developing server and testing server are
> smiliar: Jetspeed 2.1 + Tomcat + MySql(local).
>    3. MySQL is only for jetspeed portal side. The business data is 
> already refered to Oracle in the remote production server.
>    4. I prefer to using Oracle as portal side database.
>    5. All portlets of my project are in one web application, and the 
> database resource is managerd by the application itself, not the 
> container.
>    6. In the jetspeed application, only the 'decorations' and the 
> 'pages' folder are modified.
>    And what I'm not sure are:
> 	1. How to install jetspeed2 on WAS6.1? (Either installing a new
> or migrate the running one is ok.)
>     2. How to deploy a war packaged portlets application on it?  
> (Still put it in the deploy folder?)
> 	3. Any WAS6.1 specific issues?
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