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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: WebLogic 9.1 - no worko
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2006 08:08:36 GMT
Bryan Noll wrote:
> Hello all... Mr. Watler told me that two gentlemen that frequent this 
> list, Ate Douma & David Taylor, may be able to provide some insight on 
> getting Jetspeed 2 up and going on Weblogic 9.1.  I'm about 3 hours into 
> it, and still haven't made it happen.  We seem to have gotten as far as 
> getting jetspeed itself deployed OK... but when attempting to deploy any 
> portlet war's to the jetspeed.war/WEB-INF/deploy, we continually see the 
> following:

I don't recommend Jetspeed's live deployment mechanism on Weblogic, 
although it might work, I've never tried it recently.
Instead use our command line deploy tool to infuse the necessary startup 
registration code into your webapp, and then package your portlet 
applications specifically for Weblogic as you would any other webapp, 
and deploy the app the same way you would deploy any other webapp.

With this approach, the portlet application will register with Jetspeed 
at runtime, during servlet init. Thus, you need to have Jetspeed 
installed on Websphere prior to installing any other portlet apps.

To Run the command line tool to infuse automatic registration of portlet 
app at app server startup:

java -jar target/jetspeed-deploy-tools-2.0-M4-SNAPSHOT-uber.jar [-s] 
source.war destination.war

-s: stripLoggers - remove commons-logging[version].jar and/or 
log4j[version].jar from war
                    required when targetting application servers like JBoss

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