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From Aaron Evans <aaronmev...@yahoo.ca>
Subject [J2 - 2.0] - Velocity decorators issue?
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:12:50 GMT
I just upgraded finally to 2.0.  After much wrangling with moving decorators 
around and upating them to use the newer macros and updating all my page resource
paths to what I guess is a newer model, I almost have my portal looking like the 
old version.

I am still seeing some weirdness though with some styles not being applied in
certain cases.

Firstly, I've noticed though that the 'decoratorId' for rendered portlets doesn't
seem to be resolved.  In all my pages, surrounding each portlet, I am seeing
comments like:

<!-- Begin: Fragment: eur-3 Decoration: ${decoratorId} -->

So perhaps that is part of the problem, but has anyone else witnessed this 
behaviour?  It is entirely possible that it is a problem with my decoration
as I am not sure which I am more inept at: velocity or css.

I have also noticed that when rendering portlets, the class of the div tag
has gone from:

<div id="${f.id}" class="${decoration.baseCSSClass}">


<div id="${f.id}" class="portlet ${decoration.baseCSSClass}">

This is kind of strange to me to have a space in the name of the class for
the div tag.  Is this what is perhaps screwing up my styles?

any help is appreciated.


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