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From "Archana Turaga" <Archana.Tur...@intervoice.com>
Subject RE: Jetspeed questions
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 15:58:51 GMT
I will attempt answering some questions here:
1) This should be happening automatically but check the
TURBINE_USER_GROUP_ROLE_TBL to see if the un-assignment of the roles
User and Admin for the user has taken place or not and also check the
TURBINE_ROLE_PERMISSION table to make sure that the permission of
customize is definitely present or not. Create a brand-new user with
guest and see if the user has the option to customize (Maybe you already
did this). 

2) Make sure that the Security ID you created is present in the
local-security.xreg and also make sure that your portlet has this
security-ref applied in the xreg file. Do this after shutting down

3) The only way I know that this can be made possible is to override the
authentication class (TurbineAuthentication) to not allow concurrent

4) This is a two part question. I have the PSMLs in the database and
when the user is deleted the PSMLs also get deleted. Long time back when
I had it in File system it seemed to be deleting the PSMLs when a user
was deleted (not sure about that though). If this is not happening then
check the source code of CastorPsmlManagerService.java (maybe there is a
bug and that needs to be fixed)!! As far as assigning the default user's
PSML this is what was specified in the doc and it seemed to work: Set
the "services.JetspeedSecurity.newrole.profile" in the property files to
turbine user.

I'm still using 1.6 so I cannot answer 5 and 6. But I am currently
planning to migrate over to 2.0 in sometime. Always checking to mailing
list to see what the obvious issues are!! Hope you are successful :-)

Let me know if these answers helped.

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From: jonathan.hawkins@hawkinsweb.co.uk
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 4:02 AM
To: jetspeed-user@portals.apache.org
Subject: Jetspeed questions

1. (Jetspeed 1.6) Created a user and assigned User,Admin and Guest Role.
Customise buttons available on portlets etc. Removed the User and Admin
logged out and back in, user was still able to customise even though
Role does not have customise permission.

2. (Jetspeed 1.6) Created a new Security ID, applied this to one of our
portlets, when I was returned to the home page, the portlet that had had
security id applied to it had dissappeared.

3. (Jetspeed 1.6) Is it possible to stop the same user logging on
concurrently using multiple browsers or PC's

4. (Jetspeed 1.6) When you delete a user, their PSML files remain intact
the file system. Can this be changed so that the files are removed and
a user is re-created the inherit the current turbine user config.

5. (Jetspeed 2.0) Created a new pane on user's home page, how can I thne
delete it ?

6. (Jetspeed 2.0)  In 1.6 it is possible to create panes within panes,
find a way to do this in 2.0.

Currently in the process of finalising a gap analysis between 1.6 and
2.0 to
see if moving to 2.0 is viable so any assistance would be greatly

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