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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: Problem with
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 04:26:00 GMT
Tommaso Nuccio wrote:
> Tommaso Nuccio <tommaso.nuccio <at> fwctc.com> writes:
>>Hi all,
>>I have a form in my portlet where the user selects a criteria. The result is 
>>shown in a table, after submitting the form and the table is displayed.
>>But when I have a resulting table and I do click on "Printer friendly 
> format" 
>>of the portlet actions, it only shows the form and NOT the table with the 
>>Can someone explain me why this is so?
>>What do I have to do to plot the table also?
>>Many thanks in advance,
>>  Tommaso
> Hello again,
> in the case described below, the user gets the SECURITY_NO_ACCESS message.
> I am trying to find out, why it shows up more quickly on the live server than 
> on the develop and testserver. The configuration of jetspeed and the whole 
> portal are identical! The only difference is that the Tomcat is slightly 
> configured different on both systems. I don't think that it has to do 
> something with this.
> Hopefully someone is reading this and can give me a good idea?!
So I imagine, from the "Print Friendly Format" reference, that this is a 
version of Jetspeed 1.x that you are refering to?

Most of the traffic on this list has shifted to Jetspeed-2 discussions
Maybe in the future its best to reference the version in your message, 
since there a very few of us left who bother to support it anymore

Its odd that you can see the Print Friendly Mode icon, but then you get 
a no access message when you click on it.

Could you double check this:

For the page and portlet in question, see what security constraints are 
associated with (you can see this in the edit mode of the portlet and page)

If you login as admin, you can view the security constraints

Goto the Security tab, Security browser
Look at which security constraint definitions from your portlet and 
page: it should have a list of one or more roles. Also look at the 
default security constraint (I believe print mode is disabled for the 
guest and user roles)

Goto the Security tab, Security Role Browser
For each role, you can enable permissions
Make sure that the role that protects your page has the print mode 
checked. By default, the guest and user role does not have print mode 
enabled (not sure why that is!)

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