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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: Jetspeed questions
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 17:46:55 GMT
jonathan.hawkins@hawkinsweb.co.uk wrote:
> 1. (Jetspeed 1.6) Created a user and assigned User,Admin and Guest Role.
> Customise buttons available on portlets etc. Removed the User and Admin role
> logged out and back in, user was still able to customise even though Guest
> Role does not have customise permission.
Im guessing that the cascade delete options for your particular database 
are not set correctly.

In JetspeedSecurity.properties:


try setting this to true for Hypersonic

> 2. (Jetspeed 1.6) Created a new Security ID, applied this to one of our
> portlets, when I was returned to the home page, the portlet that had had the
> security id applied to it had dissappeared.
Hard to say without seeing your security constraint and PSML ...

> 3. (Jetspeed 1.6) Is it possible to stop the same user logging on
> concurrently using multiple browsers or PC's

For starters, override the Login and Logout modules in TR.p


you will need to track users as they login and logout, and also handle 
session timeouts. Although its tricky because if someone closes a 
browser, the server has no way of knowing.

> 4. (Jetspeed 1.6) When you delete a user, their PSML files remain intact in
> the file system. Can this be changed so that the files are removed and when
> a user is re-created the inherit the current turbine user config.

Depends how you delete the user.
Using the admin portlet, it should delete the PSML in a tx
This might fail if you have a lock on the directory or PSML file for example

> 5. (Jetspeed 2.0) Created a new pane on user's home page, how can I thne
> delete it ?
Yes. The Site Manager administrative portlet is currently the only way 
to do this. We are working on a new improved customizer for 2.1

> 6. (Jetspeed 2.0)  In 1.6 it is possible to create panes within panes, can't
> find a way to do this in 2.0.

You can do this with menus.
Here is an example of a two tier menu defined in your root folder.metadata:

  <menu name="root-level-menu" regexp="true" options="/*.psml,/*/"/>

  <menu name="cwd-level-menu">
    <options regexp="true">./*/,./*.psml</options>

> Currently in the process of finalising a gap analysis between 1.6 and 2.0 to
> see if moving to 2.0 is viable so any assistance would be greatly
> appreciated.
This might help, but more from an architectual POV. I wrote a document 
comparing my design intent in 2.0 vs the things I was frustrated with in 


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