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From "Stefano Bianchi" <stefano.bian...@softeco.it>
Subject Re: jsp and html
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 10:03:34 GMT
INSTRUCTIONS VALID FOR J1.5 and previous versions... please confirm for J2!

Sorry, this uses FileServerPortlet and not HTMLPortlet, it depends on 
versions... anyway there are examples in portlet demo in Jetspeed!

If you have many html files to show and you want to have one portlet for 
each file, you simply have to :

- define a ***.xreg file (name it as you want!) in [Jetspeed]\WEB-INF\conf 
containing a portlet definition for each html file (you can change the 
location of html files, just edit the <url> tag):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <portlet-entry name="Home" hidden="false" type="ref" parent="HTML" 
        <url cachedOnURL="false">/my_html_pages_directory/home.html</url>

- copy all html files in [JETSPEED]/my_html_pages_directory (or change the 
directory accordingly to <url> tag)

- from admin tools, simply add the portlets you defined in the panels you 
create for your users.

- each portlet should have a different <portlet-entry name="">!!!
- <title>Home</title> is what is shown as title of the portlet
- <category> helps you in finding your portlets when using filter in admin 

I hope it helps ;-)

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From: "mu baosen" <mubaosen@gmail.com>
To: "Jetspeed Users List" <jetspeed-user@portals.apache.org>
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 10:18 AM
Subject: Re: jsp and html

> Stefano,
> Thanks.

   I want to show difference html page in difference portlet window. A large
number of them,   so I don't want to rename all of them. I think a html page
would work well.But I encounted this problem. How to resolve?


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