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From "Scott T. Weaver" <scotts-jetspeed-l...@binary-designs.net>
Subject Re: JSR-168 Portlet Re-Register
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 14:54:10 GMT
I like the JMS message idea. I know J1 has some pretty nice JMS stuff in 
it thanks to David Taylor. I would eventually like to see this migrated 
to J2.

Jeff Sheets wrote:

>My deployment is setup so that the jetspeed.war sits next to my
>application.ear and the application.ear holds one.war and two.war. 
>These wars contain portlet.xml files for JSR-168 portlets, and I am
>able to display these correctly in the Jetspeed Fusion portal.  My
>question relates to deploying an updated application.ear to my server.
> When I deploy this new ear I then have to go into the admin console
>of Jetspeed to "re-register" the portlet application.  Has anyone done
>work to automatically re-register the war?
>I first tried creating a JetspeedRegistration initialization servlet,
>which would run once at one.war and two.war 's deployment time.  This
>servlet attempted to access the spring service to re-register the app.
> This doesn't quite work, for reasons I realized later.
>I think we could setup Jetspeed to detect that the ServletContext has
>been modified, and then have it try to re-register first before giving
>up and throwing the NullPointerException that occurs.  Otherwise a
>mechanism could be developed where Jetspeed accepts a JMS message (or
>some other interface) to notify that a re-register is needed.
>Any thoughts?  Have others tried this?
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