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From Helmut Tammen <HTam...@htsystemloesungen.de>
Subject Re: JSR-168 Article Part 1 in JavaWorld
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 17:29:22 GMT

I came a little bit late to this discussion.
You should have had a look at the SAP Enterprise Portal 
(http://www.iviewstudio.com). They already extensively work with iFrames.
Each portlet (they call them iViews) is enclosed in an iFrame.
And furthermore they have sophisticated client side features like 
client-side eventing to send messages from one portlet (iView) to 
another and the client data-bag to exchange data from one portlet to 

With client-side eventing a portlet (in an iFrame) for example can send 
a request (data from a form) to the server and then inform another 
portlet (in another iFrame) that it should update itself because the 
data at the server has changed.

The data-bag for example can be used to fill the fields of a form in 
portlet 1 upon a selection in portlet 2.

Another feature is the possibility to store the state of a portlet at 
the client and restore it later. This can be used if the user filled a 
lot of data into a form, then quickly goes to another portal page 
without sending the form data to the server (for example to look at his 
mailbox) and afterwards returns to the portlet with the form. After 
returning to this portlet all the data is still available.
I haven´t worked with this feature yet but I was told that it´s possible.

These features together with the server-side framework make it possible 
to build complex portal applications with portlets that interact with 
each other.

If you are interested in it you can download the PDK (Portal Development 
Kit) from http://www.iviewstudio.com. The PDK is a small version of the 
Enterpise Portal which can be installed within tomcat. It encloses a lot 
of examples an more detailed documentation of the mentioned features.

Unfortunatly it´s not Open Source. When I switched to Jetspeed (because 
it is OSS) I missed these features.


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