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From "Chris O'Neal" <ch...@cadre5.com>
Subject JSP Portlet Interference
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 16:38:36 GMT
I am experiencing a problem where JSP portlets interfere with one
another. This is happening when I have:

A) multiple instances of a portlet on the same pane and 
B) different portlets that submit HTML form parameters of the same name.

In case B, I have tried including <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="js_peid"
VALUE="<%=jspeid%>"> in the HTML form as suggested by the jetspeed
tutorial section 8.3.

In case A, I have tried passing  js_peid=<%=jspeid%>  along on the query

Neither approach has worked. All portlets seem to respond to the action.
Additionally, I have tried this in situations where the JSPPortlet
follows the MVC model with template & action separated and also with a
single JSP page that submits an HTML form back to itself. I'm obviously
missing something since the documentation says to do it this way.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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