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From Ozgur Balsoy <bal...@grids.ucs.indiana.edu>
Subject Re: Rewrinting url
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 15:31:57 GMT
WebSurfPortlet is not supposed to handle HTML forms. Form fields require 
a different rewriting scheme.

Here is another version of WebSurfPortlet what we call WebFormPortlet. 
This is not an official release. It requires someother packages not 
included in the package, so you can use it to get the idea and develop 
on your own.


Alexandre Gay wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use url Rewriting in Jetspeed. For thise i use the portle WebSurfPortlet like
following :
> <portlet-entry name="WebSurfPortlet" hidden="false" type="abstract" application="false">
>      <classname>com.sysdeo.jetspeed.test.modules.actions.portlets.WebSurfPortlet</classname>
>      <parameter name="dont_remove_applet" value="yes" hidden="true"
>      cachedOnName="true" cachedOnValue="true"/>
> </portlet-entry>
>  <portlet-entry name="ApplicationWithPortlet" hidden="false" type="ref"
>         parent="WebSurfPortlet" application="false">
>         <classname>com.sysdeo.jetspeed.test.modules.actions.portlets.WebSurfPortlet</classname>
>         <parameter name="portletid" value="surf1" hidden="true"
>             cachedOnName="true" cachedOnValue="true"/>
>         <parameter name="new_url"
>             value="http://jakarta.apache.org" hidden="false"
>             cachedOnName="true" cachedOnValue="true"/>
>         <url cachedOnURL="true">http://jakarta.apache.org</url>
>   </portlet-entry>
> The goal is too rewrite all url in the page
> The Portler WebSurfPortlet is not process url in action like :
> <FORM method="POST" action="login.do">
> QUESTION 1: Is there new version from WebSurfPortlet who processing form???
> QUESTION 2:  Do you know others portlets of Rewrinting????
> Thanks a lot
> Alexandre

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