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From Dominique Cimafranca <dominique_cimafra...@yahoo.com>
Subject Jetspeed-LDAP authentication problems
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2003 08:56:57 GMT
I am a relative newcomer to Jetspeed, and I am trying to get it to
authenticate with LDAP.  I am using jetspeed-1.4b3 with OpenLDAP-2.0.11 on
Red Hat 7.2.

I have succeeded in populating the LDAP database using the supplied LDIF
file, and I can verify that my LDAP server is responding to queries by
using ldapsearch.

I'm not quite certain whether to just append the entries in the
LDAP-JetspeedSecurity.properties file to the existing
JetspeedSecurity.properties, or to replace the entries.  Just appending
the LDAP entries still causes Jetspeed to authenticate against HyperSQL,
but replacing the entries gives me 

Horrible Exception: org.apache.turbine.services.InstantiationException:
ServiceBroker: unknown service PortalAuthentication requested

My JetspeedSecurity.properties file and the full error are given below.

Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks in advance.

Dominique Gerald M. Cimafranca | E-mail: dominique_cimafranca@yahoo.com
Village Idiot Savant           | Web site: http://www.sketches.kom.ph
Dumaguete City, Philippines    | Fortuna favet fatuis.

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