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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Who changed this???
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 16:43:33 GMT
(To Sam: look near the end of the post)

ICM S Op Guest 5 wrote:

>let me tell you - I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!
>I just installed Jetspeed, a nightly build, on my company computer and applied my patch
(like I did with any new installation since 10/29/01).
>Somebody has changed the customization completly. Now I have to start from the beginning...
>What I am really missing is:
>- A list, who (+email) is working on what? (an update of the corresponding webpage (jetspeed)
would be nice)
the cvs changes are mailed to jetspeed-dev in near-real time.

Also, you can check differences using cvs diff (even WRT a given 
millisecond in the past).

In the webpage there are links to those resources.

>- Which files are affected?
>- If somebody has changed the source it would be GREAT if he/she could write a short note
what has been changed and e.g. why those changes have been made.
>Here are some problems I encountered:
>- Logout seems to not work - when I logout from jetspeed and login again as a different
user, I still have the old username on the 'edit account' button (and it is the previous account)
- Had no problem with this in the 10/29/01 release!
>- When I click on the customization button everything is running fine - the first time!
All other customization clicks are not going into the customization function - it looks like
these pages are cached!
>It also looks like the administration of psml data (portlets/panes) is handled differently).
>- Sometimes I receive a $jetspeed.getCustomizer($data.Customized).getContent($data) error
(never had this before)
>- Confirmation mail doesn't work
>What also should be included:
>- When you delete a user directory and you are loggin in using this username (still available
in the db) than you will get an horrible exception when you try to customize your profile
(which is clear, because these files doesn't exist) - so this should be checked by the JetspeedProfilerService
(e.g. recreate the directory)
>I would appreciate if the above points are looked upon seriously.

These things happen all day in collective developments, like this one. 
This is more similat to an ant-hill than to a pyramid. I mean, I'm 
committing small bug fixes now and then, and maybe I break something 
other guy is doing. Everybody works like this. Also, changes from other 
people sometimes "spoil" my intention.

Even if coordination is great, it also slows things down when one of us 
is unavailable (too often lately, I'm afraid). So, the policy here is 
try to improve the whole thing step by step, and try to do evolutionary 
changes, rather than "freeze and rewrite" changes.

For this to work reasonably, it is important that intention is stated in 
comments and cvs commit messages, and that the developers list is used 
to track collisions and discuss alternatices when somethings gets broken.

You can check differences between dates usign cvs quite quickly, and see 
where the things got broken.

It could be nice that the nightly build could include a ChangeLog, with 
the messages and source patch between versions, but I'm not sure how 
simple this is to set up. I CC: Sam Ruby to see if the idea is sound, 
and maybe even already implemented by Gump ;-) Sam, is there a simple 
way to integrate this "feature" into Gump?

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