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From Santiago Gala <sg...@hisitech.com>
Subject Re: Applet Portlet
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:08:34 GMT
Anthony Smith wrote:

>Has anybody thought about making a portal an applet?
This has been discussed a while ago, in the context of multidevice (look 
at the list archives, about one year ago).

The vision is that Jetspeed could send several MIME types, like:

- text/html (whet you have now)
- application/vnd-wap-wml (a WAP version of the PSML)
- application/pdf  (a printable version of the whole PSML description)
- application/java (a PSML made into a swing interface)

from the same source PSML and portlets.

The vision is far, though. The main problems are:

- We need a whole portal specification language. Not just markup for 
portlets, but also a better action and form support.
- We need that the whole portlet set in use is developed using a formal 
markup (like xml or xhtml).

However, the steps we are taking go into the right direction. For 
instance, now we have some standard actions, that could be easily 
implemented as swing buttons.

I'm specially concerned with two issues currently:

- Having parameter isolation between portlets, in the sense that a 
portlet will *not* see parameters passed for other portlets, and will be 
able to retrieve those passed from the browser.
- Having semantics for declarative events, such as a portlet declaring 
the engine the "call backs"/parameter sets it supports, and the portal 
engine encoding/decoding these depending of media type.

>That way the applet could be an actual browser within the portlet and
>clicking on links and stuff would cause the view to remain in the
>applet/portlet window.
>I have no use of it but, it was mentioned to me.
>Anthony Smith
>GSP Technologies
>"Education and skill does not make you better than the world... it makes you
>responsible for it!"
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