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From Chris Kimpton <kimptoc_m...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Who changed this???
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 15:14:43 GMT

> let me tell you - I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Sounds like you are having a bad day - take a deep breath - count to

> I just installed Jetspeed, a nightly build, on my company computer
> and applied my patch (like I did with any new installation since
> 10/29/01).
> Somebody has changed the customization completly. Now I have to
> start from the beginning... !?

When was the last time it worked?  Are you on the jetspeed-dev
mailing list?  ALL source code changes are mailed to that list, along
with the mandatory commit message.

> - Logout seems to not work - when I logout from jetspeed and login
> again as a different user, I still have the old username on the
> 'edit account' button (and it is the previous account) - Had no
> problem with this in the 10/29/01 release!

Are you sure this is not a caching issue - perhaps your browser or
company proxy is returning the old page - the HTTP headers to direct
proxies on whether/how long to cache pages only recently went in -
about 4 weeks ago...

> - When I click on the customization button everything is running
> fine - the first time! All other customization clicks are not going
> into the customization function - it looks like these pages are
> cached!
> It also looks like the administration of psml data (portlets/panes)
> is handled differently).

Browser or Proxy?

> - Sometimes I receive a
> $jetspeed.getCustomizer($data.Customized).getContent($data) error
> (never had this before)

This does happen occasionally for me - it might even be the bug in
bugzilla.  Feel free to track down the problem.

> - Confirmation mail doesn't work

Can you be more specific?

> - When you delete a user directory and you are loggin in using this
> username (still available in the db) than you will get an horrible
> exception when you try to customize your profile (which is clear,
> because these files doesn't exist) - so this should be checked by
> the JetspeedProfilerService (e.g. recreate the directory)

I believe this is currently a bugzilla item.

Hope this helps,

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