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From Ray Martin <RayMar...@aci-hq.com>
Subject RE: .../WEB-INF/classes
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 22:14:38 GMT
i have done searches through some of the mail lists.  i was not able to 
surface an answer to my predicament.

if anyone can help me, i would appreciate it.  my customer is looking at me 
like i am a dumb ass (and they are probably right - i just didn't want to 
prove it so early in the project)

i persuaded them that the project should leverage off of the tremendous 
thought and energy by using some of the tools located at the Apache web 
site instead of using PERL and CGI.  now because of my dilema, they are 
pointing at me and going "Yeah, right..."

i am using jdk1.3 - i had previously backed away from jdk1.4 - my brother 
was having trouble with jdk1.4 and Cocoon2.

From: 	paulspencer@mindspring.com[SMTP:paulspencer@mindspring.com]
Reply To: 	Jetspeed Users List
Sent: 	Friday, November 30, 2001 5:04 PM
To: 	Jetspeed Users List
Subject: 	Re: .../WEB-INF/classes

I suggest you upgrade to jetspeed version 1.3a2-dev from the nightly build. 
 Most of the discussions are related to 1.3a2-dev.

I believe their is a JDK problem with a unix, although I do not know the 
version of the JDK or which Unix.  The resolution was to use a previous 
version of the JDK.  Suggest you search the jetspeed user and developer 
mailing lists, http://www.mail-archive.com

Paul Spencer

Jetspeed Users List 
<RayMartin@aci-hq.com> wrote:
> using two different machines - one running Windows 2000, the other 
i do the "how to write a porlet" discussion.
i place the HelloWorldPortlet in WEB-INF/classes and register the portlet
with jetspeed-config.jcfg.
the portlet does its thing on the Windows box - says hello and appears in
the customizer.
the Solaris 2.8 machine - nothing - no hello, no HelloWorldPortlet in the

i may be screwing up here - this could well be a Tomcat issue and i am
asking my question in the wrong forum - or worse yet a Unix problem - then
i'm really gonna be embarassed.

not to cross forums, but just for a little more information - Turbine and
Cocoon2 stand up on the Windows box, but neither stand up on the Unix box
(this is what makes me believe that my problem is not a Jetspeed issue).

i am running catalina on both platforms passing in 'run' on the command
line but no '-security'.

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