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From Ray Martin <RayMar...@aci-hq.com>
Subject RE: Jetspeed Portal Usage
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 22:02:01 GMT
Allow the experts to provide the absolute guidance.  However, i am trying 
to understand your question.

As i read your question, i conclude that you are "muddying the waters". 
(this is just my small little opinion - and not meant to be derogatory in 
any way.)

the meaning of a portal is "a perspective on information".  the term portal 
origianted out of Merril Lynch.  Information is arranged to give a user 
specific information for that individual's ROLE.  In other words, a 
customer of a web site has different information needs than a supplier. 
 Both of their perspectives and needs for information are different from 
the plant manager.

i merely do not understand the chaining of flow of portals - this makes no 
sense to me.  it may be mere semantics - but semantics are important - it 
embodies how we communicate.

i understand the need to pipeline a set of events as the manner of Cocoon. 
 I understand the need to create different screens and provide some order 
to them.  i am trying to understand the need to create a flow of portals.

please do not let my inability to understand your question get in the way 
of a quality answer.  but, a re-wording of the question would help me to 
better understand your needs.


From: 	lionelfarr@yahoo.com[SMTP:lionelfarr@yahoo.com]
Reply To: 	Jetspeed Users List
Sent: 	Monday, December 03, 2001 4:23 PM
To: 	Jetspeed Users List
Subject: 	Jetspeed Portal Usage

Can someone please tell me how I can manage content
using the portal scheme always.  Like a news
site...when someone clicks on a link in a portal, I
would like that to bring up another portal within the
portal set.  Can someone please clarify this with
me...or atleast point me in the direction of a good

I have all of my portlets created...I just want to
create a flow/connection within them all.

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