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From "David Sean Taylor" <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject RE: Who changed this???
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 17:37:35 GMT
Hi Andreas,

> let me tell you - I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!
> I just installed Jetspeed, a nightly build, on my company
> computer and applied my patch (like I did with any new
> installation since 10/29/01).

I have your patches here, and am applying them this morning.
Sorry but Im out of town on business Monday-Tuesday, and I don't have time
on these days for Jetspeed.

> Somebody has changed the customization completly. Now I have
> to start from the beginning... !?

I don't think so. Nothing has been changed recently to the customizer.
You are subscribed to jetspeed-dev, right?
You should be receiving emails for each and every commit.

> What I am really missing is:
> - A list, who (+email) is working on what? (an update of the
> corresponding webpage (jetspeed) would be nice)

Im working on finishing up the release (DBPSML, release notes), and afaik,
nobody else is working on anything right now.
Recently I added WML support to the StockQuotePortlet, and changed the
anonymous user's WML page to be the StockQuotePortlet.

> - Which files are affected?
> - If somebody has changed the source it would be GREAT if
> he/she could write a short note what has been changed and
> e.g. why those changes have been made.

To subscribe to the developers list, send an email to
I thought you were already on the list.

> Here are some problems I encountered:
> - Logout seems to not work - when I logout from jetspeed and
> login again as a different user, I still have the old
> username on the 'edit account' button (and it is the previous
> account) - Had no problem with this in the 10/29/01 release!

I can't reproduce that. Go to http://www.bluesunrise.com, Im running the
build from Sunday night.

> - When I click on the customization button everything is
> running fine - the first time! All other customization clicks
> are not going into the customization function - it looks like
> these pages are cached!
> It also looks like the administration of psml data
> (portlets/panes) is handled differently).

It appears to be working as usual to me.

> - Sometimes I receive a
> $jetspeed.getCustomizer($data.Customized).getContent($data)
> error (never had this before)
> - Confirmation mail doesn't work

You have to enable confirmation email with the setting:


The default is off, since most new installations do not have an email server

> What also should be included:
> - When you delete a user directory and you are loggin in
> using this username (still available in the db) than you will
> get an horrible exception when you try to customize your
> profile (which is clear, because these files doesn't exist) -
> so this should be checked by the JetspeedProfilerService
> (e.g. recreate the directory)

Please do not delete the directory, use Jetspeed to delete the user.
PSML is stored on the file system, and user info in the database.
Perhaps we can better handle the case when the administrator accidently
deletes the directory.
Patches are welcome.

> I would appreciate if the above points are looked upon seriously.

Let me try applying your patches.
I will be continuing this discussion on jetspeed-dev.


> Andreas V. Kempf
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