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From FRAGOSO ruben <ruben.FRAG...@gemalto.com>
Subject RE: Problem with portlet forms in IE
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:36:01 GMT

to use this


to see the HTML in IE, but anyway IE does have a button to view the source, right click in
the middle of the page and you will see "view source" in the options. Hope this will help




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Sent: 10. března 2010 16:32
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Subject: Problem with portlet forms in IE

I am developing a jsr168 portlet to communicate with a document
management system in order to provide a front-end for the user so they
do not have to directly interact with the system.  The portlet allows
users to browse, upload, download, add folders, etc.  The problem is
coming from "add folder."  A button is clicked to Get form html which is
thrown inside of form tags.  The form is used to Post the folder name to
the doc management system so it can create a folder in the current
directory location of browse..   In IE when I click the Post button
nothing happens, no portlet action or anything it just sits there.  In
Firefox it works fine.  Below is the rendered HTML (pulled from Firefox
because IE won't allow the source to be viewed).  The first set is when
the "Add Folder" Get has been clicked, the second set is when "Upload
Folder" Get has been clicked.. as you can see the HTML is similar for
both forms.



                    <form method="post"




                                <form method="post"

                                    Name:<input name="name"
type="text"><input name="submit" value="Add Folder" type="submit">

<input name="node"





                    <form method="post"
p;encoder=desktop&amp;jsdajax=false" enctype="multipart/form-data">

            File:<input name="file" type="file"><input name="submit"
value="Upload" type="submit">

<input name="nodeRef"




                                <form method="post"




In the second set the action is a legit actionURL to the portlet,
however in the first set the action is this "javascript:doNothingNav()"
when in the JSP file for the page it is defined as an actionURL.  Can
anyone provide insight into what this doNothingNav() is and why it gets
filled in?  It's also strange how this portlet is fully functional in
Firefox yet in IE it has issues with certain functions.  There is a
navigation bar at the top of every page.  In the JSP's the nav bar form
actions are actionURL's but they again get rendered as
"javascript:doNothingNav()" yet they work just fine in both IE and
Firefox while the "Add Folder" Post does not.


Thanks for any help!


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