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From Dennis Dam <d....@hippo.nl>
Subject Re: [vote] new committer
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2007 13:53:04 GMT
Thanks David, and everybody who voted for me! This is my first 
committership within the Apache community, and I'm really proud to be 
part of the Jetspeed team now.

Let me introduce myself a little bit to the people who don't know me. I 
am thirty years of age, married (no kids.. yet :) ) and live in 
Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands. I am working at a Dutch 
company called Hippo, also located in Amsterdam, a company that mainly 
provides Enterprise Content Management solutions. I've been working 
there since June 2004, fresh out of university where I studied Computer 
Science. In the first few years I built a lot of websites/intranets 
based on another Apache project, Cocoon, and was a part of the HippoCMS 
development team. Since November 2006 I became involved in the 
development of portal web applications based on Jetspeed. The main 
reason for that is a certain guy who came to work for us around that 
time ;) Somewhere from about June 2007 I became more active in the 
community, because I was getting more and more enthusiastic about the 
project, and wanted to contribute instead of merely being a consumer.

I look forward to working with all of you guys, and hope that together 
we can make Jetspeed even better than it already is.


PS. Vivek, congratulations as well!

David Sean Taylor wrote:
> I am closing the vote now as its been well over 72 hours.
> The results are in:
> +1 votes = 8
> +0 votes = 0
> -1 votes = 0
> Congratulations Dennis, and welcome to the team!
> On Dec 20, 2007, at 9:00 AM, David Sean Taylor wrote:
>> I would like to propose a new committer to the Jetspeed and Apache 
>> Portals team.
>> Dennis Dam has been very active and helpful to both the Jetspeed 
>> community and the developers the last year and consistently proved to 
>> have a very good understanding of the architecture and implementation 
>> of Jetspeed-2.
>> He has contributed to really all aspects of the project:
>> - reviewing patches of others, like:
>>     JS2-809: Add table schema aware datasource proxy
>> - checking and improving the codebase, like:
>>     JS2-727: Appy Findbugs patches checking Jetspeed code using 
>> findbugs and providing a list of fixes/improvements based on it
>> - reporting issues as well as *always* providing complete and valid 
>> patches for them, like:
>>     JS2-692: Fragment ids are not automatically created, causing 
>> runtime errors
>>     JS2-814: Ldap User DN is incorrectly calculated when search 
>> filterBase is empty
>>     JS2-815: SSOIframePortlet doesn't save changed remote principal name
>>     JS2-826: Invalid DN values in group/role member attributes result 
>> in null pointer dereferences in the BasePrincipalImpl class
>> - providing complete new features, like:
>>     JS2-720: Support for NTLM authentication with optional fallback 
>> authentication method
>>     JS2-723: Option to configure DB PSML from the installer
>> - helping out with several issues like upgrading Castor and fixing 
>> test cases like for the decorations and layout
>> - joining discussions and providing very insightful comments
>> - and very impressively helping out others on the mailing list:
>>   he always is very friendly, patient and persistent in trying to 
>> understand and solve other ones problems
>> In short, Dennis is displaying everything we look for in a Apache 
>> committer and will be a great addition to our team.
>> Note, when voting please respond to the Portals Discussion list, and 
>> CC jetspeed-dev

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