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From Roger Ruttimann <roger.ruttim...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: Apache perl portal bridge
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 04:41:09 GMT
The sample is the simplest possible script: just an html wrapped into a 
perl call.

You can include any perl code even have multiple perl script in the same 
directory referencing each other. We have tested the perl bridge in 
production and we were able to run a web based network configuration 
program in a portlet (including a lot of Java script).

The perl bridge replaces relative links to portlet actions so that the 
navigation remains in the same portlet and not opening a new window. As 
I mentioned before just include your perl code without modifications in 
the perl bridge and access it from the portal.


Cyrus Keong wrote:

> my name is Cyrus from DART(dart.edu.au), i have some questions about
> your perl bridge. in the example there are two files: perl-demo.cgi and
> perl-demo-2.cgi, however they are not perl script cgi files,
> they just a HTML file. can you give me more information about how the
> bridge can be used to put perl cgi script into portlet?

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