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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: New development branch
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 15:11:56 GMT
Weaver (EXT), Scott wrote:
> As I was working on getting the engine unit tests to work, I noticed
> there are still many places were we still need to refactor things into
> Spring or make them better "citizens" so to speak.  As to avoid messing
> anyone up I am going to create a new branch to commit these changes
> into.
Well, I've been working on getting J2 testable again the whole day already :-(
I've been working on getting the SpringEngine loaded again for testcases but it seems you
might have a solution already...


In my opinion, something went definitely wrong the last few weeks.
Getting back from two weeks holiday I hardly recognize the trunk anymore and I'm still
trying to grasp the new setup/build.

I'm not saying I disagree with any of the changes made (don't know yet), but I think the way
it has happened caused, and *still* causes, much more problems then should have...

Three (or four?) big changes have been committed to the trunk of which only one was
(partly) tested through a separate branch. Furthermore, these big changes have been
committed directly after each other or were even partly overlapping.
I really would like to ask all to try out big changes like these in the future through a branch

Right now, the trunk isn't stable (I for one get lots of NPE at runtime) nor fully testable.
I propose that *all* further effort is 100% focused on fixing this first!
If it needs more big changes/refactorings then yes lets use a branch so we have an opportunity
to review its effect.
But, I'm -1 on any further enhancements or improvements like most of what you propose below
until we get trunk stabilized and the testcases running again.

Sorry if this seems a bit harsh but I really not very happy with the current state of the
trunk :-(

> Primary goals:
> 1.	Move as much into Spring as possible.
> 2.	Get the Engine and PortalContext into Spring (actually have this
> working already)
> 3.	Remove as many calls to the org.apache.jetspeed.Jetspeed static
> class as possible.
> 4.	Refactor those services that are using class.newInstance() to
> use dependency injection.
> 5.	Implement my proposed shorter bean naming convention (email from
> last week)
Actually, I'm not sure (yet) I'm +1 on this one. I didn't have the time yet to think this
through enough,
but I think I agree with Keith Garry Boyce that I prefer proper namespacing ...

> 6.	Reduce the number of calls to the ComponentManager, again this
> is solved by introducing dependency injection into those classes that
> currently do not use it.
> I just want to get everyone's feeling on this.  If everyone agrees I
> will log this into Jira.
> Thanks,
> -Scott

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