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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Changing version tags from"-dev" to "-SNAPSHOT"
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 07:56:43 GMT
Well, I never much liked the "SNAPSHOT" feature of maven...

Although I can see it will make things easier when you have a *controlled* internal
remote maven repo, for others who don't this will introduce a new level of
unpredictability on what will be pulled in when they do a new build.

I myself prefer to be able to do a rebuild of a project, dependent on J2-cvs, knowing
only my project changes will be processed...
The only solution for that is using offline mode. But that is a pain when you
need to pull in new dependencies and as result have to go hunting for them yourself.

I could imagine a simple maven goal which synchronizes the local repository with your
internal remote maven repo when needed would be quite easy to write and gives the
same result without these (to me) negatives.

Anyway, as there is already enough support for this, I won't stand against it.
So, +0 from me.

A note to David (ST): be prepared that your bluesunrise repo will be hit much, much
harder as result of this, and make sure it contains a "stable" snapshot of J2-CVS.
It also might be wise to start looking in using the ibiblio repo.

Regards, Ate

Scott T Weaver wrote:
> I want to get everyone's' okay to change using -dev in our versions to
> -SNAPSHOT.  This would be a HUGE plus for those of us building applications
> based off of Jetspeed2's CVS.  For example, we have an internal remote maven
> repo to which we upload changed versions of the J2 jars.  The problem arises
> when changes are made in the CVS but the version does not change.  In this
> scenario, our automated builds will not pull new version of the jar from the
> remote repo into the local, causing all kinds of problems.
> Regards,
> -Scott

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