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From Robert Young <robbyoun...@gmail.com>
Subject J2 weblogic login problem
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2005 16:21:59 GMT
I asked this question on the users list already.  I thought I would
ask it on the develpers list.  I didn't know where the appropriate
place would be.

I am having an issue with the j2 head.  I installed it on Weblogic and
I can't login.  the login form is trying to post to
security/login/proxy.  What is happening is that it is getting the
context root of the war (security.war) which in weblogic you are
required to supply a /web-inf/weblogic.xml that specifies the
context-path of the war.  This is required to be distinct to weblogic.
 It is set to security therefore security is being placed in the
context-path of the form instead of jetspeed.

I have found this earlier issue.  Is anything being done other that
what is listed below.  I mean, is there a permanent fix? It appears
that the jira issue isn't fixed for weblogic.


RE : [J2] Newbie: Error 404 with login portlet

romain bisse
Tue, 01 Feb 2005 02:01:03 -0800


I still encouter a 404 error, even after a CVS update.

The URL is still missing the "/jetspeed" context:


I guess I have the latest version of the *.jsp in security portlet:

<c_rt:set var="requestContext"
<a href='<c:url context="${requestContext.request.contextPath}"



-----Message d'origine-----
De : Ate Douma [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Envoyé : vendredi 28 janvier 2005 01:13
À : Jetspeed Users List
Objet : Re: RE : [J2] Newbie: Error 404 with login portlet


I think (hope) I have fixed your problem with WebLogic.
Please check out the latest version of Jetspeed-2 from cvs and let me
know if you have any more problems.

See issue: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JS2-203.

Regards, Ate

romain bisse wrote:
> Thanks for your answer.
> I fixed the "login.jsp" the way you suggested.
> I have no 404 error anymore.
> But instead, when I click on the "Login" button, the url turns to
> /jetspeed/login/login, then the browser reloads the default page (My
> first PSML page) and I'm still anonymous.
> Any idea?
> -----Message d'origine-----
> De : Ate Douma [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Envoyé : mercredi 26 janvier 2005 23:57
> À : Jetspeed Users List
> Objet : Re: [J2] Newbie: Error 404 with login portlet
> Ate Douma wrote:
>>It seems Weblogic changes the contextPath for an included servlet to
> the
>>contextPath of the servlet itself.
>>According to the servlet spec 2.3 SRV.8.3.1 Included Request
> Parameters:
>>"Except for servlets obtained by using the getNamedDispatcher method,
> a
>>being used from within an include has access to the path by which it
> was
> I should also have quoted the following part of SRV.8.3.1 I think:
> "The following request attributes are set:
>       javax.servlet.include.request_uri
>       javax.servlet.include.context_path
>       javax.servlet.include.servlet_path
>       javax.servlet.include.path_info
>       javax.servlet.include.query_string
>    These attributes are accessible from the included servlet via the
> getAttribute
> method on the request object.
>    If the included servlet was obtained by using the
> method these attributes are not set."
> After rereading this paragraph three times over, I must admit it does
> not
> explicitly say the request.getContextPath() for an included servlet
> should
> remain the same. But, if that would not be the intention of this
> paragraph,
> then one would never *need* the javax.servlet.include._context_path
> attribute
> or the others.
> So, my interpretation of this is that the request.getContextPath()
> *should*
> remain the same. Seems the Weblogic developers think differently...
>>Jetspeed does *NOT* invoke portlets using getNamedDispatcher so the
>>for the Portlet should still be that of the portal itself (/jetspeed).
>>In the login portlet the form is posted to <c:url
> value="/login/proxy"/>.
>>The url tag will prefix this with the contextPath so it should be
>>You could temporarily fix this for Weblogic by adding attribute
>>to the tag: <c:url context="/jetspeed" value="/login/proxy"/>
>>You can find the login.jsp in webapp
>>If you do, don't forget to also fix the <:url value="/login/logout"/>
>>link which is
>>a few lines above it.
>>That should allow you to login and logout, but of course this isn't a
>>real solution.
>>I suggest you create a JIRA ticket for this problem so.
>>I don't have Weblogic available but maybe one of the other developers
> does.
>>romain bisse wrote:
>>>I've just installed Jetspeed2-M1 on Weblogic 8.1
>>>Most of the modules work fine, however, I can't log in.
>>>I obtain a 404 error when I clik on the login button.
>>>There is no exception, neither in jetspeed nor in weblogic logs.
>>>The URL in my browser at this moment is
>>>Did I forget something during the installation process?
>>>Thanks in advance if you have any clue!

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