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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject J2/Fusion synchronisation and release plan (Was: Re: Struts-Bridge & Fusion - David/Ate/others- Pls comment)
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 21:31:01 GMT

David Sean Taylor wrote:
> Hema Menon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been trying to get our Struts application under JS1.6 with 
>> Fusion. Here's the env
>> Latest JS 1.6 build from CVS
>> Struts-portal bridge 0.2 version.
>> I find that the application runs as a standalone using Portal bridges
>> 0.2, which means that the portalbridges work as expected outside of
>> Jetspeed. However inside Jetspeed, the lookup dispatch action fails.
>> 2, IT WORKS AS EXPECTED. This makes me believe that the Jetspeed 1.6
>> with Fusion is causing the problem.
>> I believe there are changes in Struts bridge 0.2 version, which
>> require it to run with JS-M2 files. However any time, I build Jetspeed
>> 1.6 with fusion, I find that the jetspeed.war contains M1 files. I
>> have removed the M1 jars from TOMCAT shared/lib directory. However
>> since JS1.6 is being build against M1 jars, I cannot remove what's in
>> the jetspeed war.
>> Here's my situation, Please help
>> - All our portlets are JS1.5 compliant and we are quite happy with it
>> - We cannot move to JS2 immediately since it means changing to JSR168 
>> portlets
>> - We need support for Struts portlet
>> - JS1.6 WITH FUSION, was the perfect solution for us since it would
>> suit all our needs.
>> - However, if the struts portlet does not work as expected in JS1.6
>> with Fusion, I don't know what option does we have :(
>> The changes is Struts-portlet bridge is very very important and neat,
>> since it requires minor changes to our Struts application. But JS1.6
>> with Fusion is equally important to us for deploying it. Somehow I
>> find that JS1.6 With Fusion on JS2M1 jars does not seem to be running
>> right. I am not sure what option do I have :(
>> Can you please let us know what your plans are regarding to JS1.6 on
>> Fusion. Thanks for reading a long email, forgive me, I am desperate :(
> Im sorry about your situation.
> I recommend running Fusion against the M1 release.
> Recently, the dependencies in Fusion were upgraded to match Jetspeed-2's 
> Spring dependencies. This may be causing some problems. Try checking out 
> Fusion from the same time as the M1 release.
> Im in a situation here myself and not finding any time for Jetspeed.
> 'Up to my ears in it' as they say :(
> Really hope to free up next week some, and by the first week in April I 
> will get Fusion fixed up and released. Im sorry but thats the best I can 
> do right now. If someone else wants to step up and release Fusion before 
>  then, please do so!
I want to propose the following:
- I like to call a vote on merging the J2 deployment_refactoring branch with
   CVS HEAD before the end of *this week*
- if/once the deployment_refactoring branch is merged, I'll step up and work
   on getting Fusion running again with the current J2 CVS HEAD. I'll try
   to do so within a few days, (the sooner we decide if/when to merge the
   branch the more time I will have for it)
   Precondition for success though is that there are not other blocking issues
   with Fusion to get it working again. I don't know. Community, David?
   Getting help from some of you currently working with Fusion might help too:
   Hema, Jeff?
- Hopefully, beginning next week we have both J2 and Fusion in sync again
- If all works out well, I'll propose to do a J2-M2 release as well as a
   Fusion 1.6 release next weekend (!) as I can dedicate most of my time that
   weekend doing the release.
   I haven't done a release before though, so getting at least some help from
   someone from the team with previous experience will be important I think.
- Furthermore, I'd like to propose to do releases more often (say once every
   month, maybe two) at least until we reach J2-final.
   The next release (M3) could contain the portlet selector (customizer)
   from David if he won't be able to commit it in time for M2.
   Furthermore, we should try to get most of the outstanding bugs fixed by then.
   I'm willing to work on that a lot.
- Furthermore, I am going to spend more time in April on writing documentation
   as the community really is in dire need of it. I'd say the M3 release should
   contain enough documentation to allow new users to start working with J2
   on their own.
   Hopefully, other team members and/or active community users can step up too
   in providing more documentation...

I know this list is quite ambitious, but well, I am ;-)
Anyone like to comment?

Regards, Ate

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