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From "Scott T. Weaver" <scotts-jetspeed-l...@binary-designs.net>
Subject Re: [J2] Vote: Torque schema generation problems - how to proceed?
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 15:22:54 GMT

I think we should evaluate commons SQL before we jump into any 
re-development, unless of course you have already looked at it ;-)

Ate Douma wrote:

> Team,
> Today, I dived into our usage of torque and what we are getting from it.
> I didn't really know torque yet, but I was dismayed by what I 
> encountered and how it is affecting
> the way we are configuring J2 right now.
> The problems with drop table statements and foreign key violations we 
> have had recently (and still have)
> are really caused by the current (lack of) functionality of torque and 
> its quirks.
> After reviewing the velocity scripts used by torque, I can see these 
> are easily fixable.
> But, it'll require heavy changes to them and therefore I'm not so sure 
> the torque team would quickly accept them.
> I would like to propose to create and maintain our own set of torque 
> scripts instead of using the packaged ones.
> Because of the way torque processes these scripts, this will mean we 
> need to maintain *all* of the torque-sql scripts:
> only supplying those which need to be changed won't do.
> Maybe, after some time, our versions of these scripts can be 
> incorporated back into torque, but that I don't find
> too important right now. I would like to get rid of several 
> workarounds and auxiliary sql scripts we currently have
> to use just to get things working:
> - no need anymore for several drop goals and drop scripts
> - no need anymore for special instructions to get an initial 
> installation on Oracle, nor post processing
> the oracle sql scripts to strip out unwanted drop statements
> - no need anymore for manual table creation on Oracle when a new table 
> is added (no automatic solution possible)
> Whats more, I would also like to get rid of all the different 
> populate-userinfo-for-default-psml.sql variants.
> I looked into the capabilities (capability also being another issue 
> with torque it seems on sybase: a reserved word)
> of torque on transforming data xml to sql. Well, don't hold your 
> breath: it won't do right now.
> Although the schema xml parsing engine is nice enough as it is, other 
> than that I really don't see much added value
> for J2 as we also don't use the Peer functionality (which takes up by 
> far the biggest part of its codebase).
> What I really would like to see is an new/rewritten/forked torque 
> implementation, only used for schema and (proper) data xml
> parsing which can both generate sql and/or perform direct sql/jdbc 
> execution on the fly.
> Then we can provide schema installation (and upgrades! using version 
> attributes in the xml) at runtime (optionally of course).
> New, but still missing tables, constraints, configuration data, et 
> cetera could be created only when needed.
> I don't think this would be very hard, nor too much work to provide 
> using (only a small part of) the current torque codebase
> as starting point. If we would agree on this path, I'm more than 
> willing to put in time realizing this goal.
> Of course, I've been searching the net today for alternatives capable 
> of this but really couldn't find anything coming near
> these requirements *and* with an ASF compatible license. Only 
> hibernate has something like this build in (automatic schema
> creation and/or upgrade), but that one is off limits (isn't it?).
> So, I'd like to call a vote on the following proposals:
> - maintain our own torque-sql scripts:
> [ ]
> - provide our own data xml to sql (torque based) scripts:
> [ ]
> - (re)write our own database config engine based on torque allowing 
> runtime schema/data installation/upgrade:
> [ ]
> Regards, Ate
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