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From Marina <ppi...@yahoo.com>
Subject How to create a new profiling rule for J2M1?
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 21:28:41 GMT

  I'm trying to create custom profiling rules and have
a few questions:
As I understand, in order to create a new profiling
rule for a new user, I have to insert corresponding
values into the PRINCIPAL_RULE_ASSOC and
RULE_CRITERION tables. Upon request to the portal, a
rule will be selected based on the user's name and
locator name ('docset' or 'page', I guess) and a set
of search paths will be returned and used to find all
elements that will be included on the portal's page.

For example, if I have a new user, 'dce_admin', and I
want to create a new rule, 'dce_rule', I would do the

insert into PRINCIPAL_RULE_ASSOC values ('dce_admin',
page, 'dce_rule');
insert into PRINCIPAL_RULE_ASSOC values ('dce_admin',
docset, 'dce_rule');

and then I have to create a set of criteria for the
'dce_rule' rule in the RULE_CRITERION table. 
By looking at the example values in the rule_creterion
table I am not sure, though, what they all mean and
how they are assembled into the profiling rules.
For example, here are values for the 'role-group'

What is the meaning of the fields 'request_type',
'name', 'value' and 'fallback_type' and how do they
correspond to the directory paths? 

If, for example, I want to define the 'dce_rule' so
that it uses all pages/links/etc. from a
.../pages/dce_pages/ directory, what criteria should I
set in the rule_criterion table?

If you could point me to the source code I should
check it would be very helpful too!

Thanks a lot,

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