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From Randy Watler <rwat...@finali.com>
Subject RE: MS SQL Server/JTDS Driver DB Connectivity
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:05:22 GMT

I am not sure what is actually functional. I aim to figure that out. OJB is
not configured with a valid validationQuery, it just has an empty attribute
placeholder in repository_database.xml.

The reason I am digging around in here is that there is a fairly good chance
that I'll need to add a validation query. I am not a big fan of using it in
principle, but if your reasearch shows that it is needed for MS SQL Server,
that will just about make it unanimous... :(. So, I want to enable it in the
right place. Also, if we do put them at the JNDI level, OJB cannot pool:
obviously, it would defeat the purpose of using a validationQuery if it did
not issue the validationQuery again!


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From: Scott T. Weaver
To: Jetspeed Developers List
Sent: 10/22/04 8:49 AM
Subject: Re: MS SQL Server/JTDS Driver DB Connectivity

Randy Watler wrote:

>The J2 pool appears to be managed by commons dbcp, configured by JNDI
>resources in jetspeed.xml. The OJB is configured to use the JNDI
>source in etc/db-obj/repository_database.xml.
>I am not sure if the OJB configuration attempts to pool the connections
>again or not. In etc/db-obj/OJB.properties, it enables a pooled
>manager. In addition, etc/db-obj/repository_database.xml also contains
>connection pool definition, (it even has an unused validationQuery
I don't think OJB tries to pool JNDI datasources.  I am not 100% on that


>I think OJB should be configured to not pool and let the JNDI
>source do it. No need to double pool! Plus, execution of the
>is bad enoough... I do not think it would be efficient to have both
>executing validation queries!
Is OJB doing the validation queries?  If so, I think that feature can be

disabled in OJB.properties.

>Got to figure this stuff out... perhaps DLS could shed some light here?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Scott T. Weaver
>To: Randy Watler
>Sent: 10/22/04 7:45 AM
>Subject: Re: MS SQL Server/JTDS Driver DB Connectivity
>Let me check and see if anyone has had these issuses.  How is the pool 
>Randy Watler wrote:
>>I have been reasearching DB connectivity issues we have seen on our 
>>production box. The problem is rare, but occasionally the DB simply 
>>resets a connection in the pool.
>>The JTDS driver I think we are both using does not seem to have any 
>>way to specify "autoReconnect", (something that other drivers allow). 
>>>From what I have gathered today, many seem to use a "validationQuery" 
>>that is run before a connection is handed to the application from the 
>>connection pool. For instance, this validation query could be defined 
>>in jetspeed.xml for the JNDI connection pool resource configuration: 
>>Personally, I think this is overkill when a simple retry try/catch 
>>could be implemented in the driver, but JTDS's opinion is that it is 
>>not their problem.
>>This issue seems to come up only with MS SQL Server and certain 
>>drivers, so I was wondering what you were doing, (or planned to do), 
>>in your production environment.
>>Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide...

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