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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject [J2] Portlet Frameworks subproject proposal
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2004 00:41:44 GMT
Hi all,

Currently, the struts-portlet framework is within its own subproject.
Recently, Roger Ruttiman added PHP and Perl portlet support to J2.

Other web frameworks I expect J2 to support for Portlet development in the 
(near) future are at least Velocity, JSF and Spring.

I propose to create a new portlet-frameworks subfolder under J2 to group these 
these framework wrappers/bridges, each as a separate subproject so they can be 
used independently.

To allow as much independence on J2 itself so portlets based on the bridges can 
also be deployed on other JSR-168 compliant portals, I also propose that these 
bridges should not contain any J2 specific code but only use J2 agnostic 
interfaces. The StrutsPortlet and the PHPPortlet already have such a spi. 
Jetspeed implementations of these interfaces should of course *not* be part of 
these subprojects but can go into the commons subproject.

Several common features of these bridges (like the spi of the StrutsPortlet and 
PHPPortlet which have the same functionality, or url parameter rewriting) should 
as much possibly be put in a common subproject.

The current o.a.j.portlet.ServletPortlet is also generic enough to be put there.

As a side note:
Next week I will start creating a base ServletRenderFilterPortlet which will 
(optional) allow SiteMesh to decorate the render result of portlets using 
servlet 2.3 (only from servlet 2.4 servlet filters can be used for included 
requests). I will then extend StrutsPortlet from the ServletRenderFilterPortlet 
so SiteMesh can be used to decorate Struts portlets. If it all works out well 
the ServletRenderFilterPortlet can also go into the framework common package.

I like also to propose a common base package for these bridges:

Then you will get:
   (getting excited here)

As artifacts of these projects I propose:
   jetspeed-framework-<framework>-<version>.jar, and
   jetspeed-framework-<framework>-spi-<version>.jar (if needed)

Then you will get artifacts like jetspeed-framework-struts-2.0-a1-dev.jar and 

If we can agree on this proposal I'd like to have the struts portlet moved into 
this new structure early next week, so please be kind to respond asap.



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