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From David Sean Taylor <da...@bluesunrise.com>
Subject Re: LDAP-support in jetspeed-1 and jetspeed-2
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 19:53:41 GMT

On Jun 7, 2004, at 9:25 AM, Patrick von der Hagen wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm currently investigating wheter jetspeed is suitable for an planned 
> portal-installation but sadly it does not meet our expectations 
> regarding LDAP-integration. For example jetspeed requires read-ability 
> on the user-passwords and does not integrate easily with existing 
> LDAP-resources (and that's exactly the reason anyone might consider 
> using LDAP in the first place...).
There are people using J1 LDAP, but I agree integration could be a lot 

> Well, I might be able to invest some time to improve LDAP-support in 
> jetspeed, but I definitly need some information like wheter other 
> people are actively working in that area (both regarding jetspeed-1 
> and jetspeed-2) and how LDAP-integration is planned for jetspeed-2 (it 
> is mentioned as a feature).
> I'd greatly appreciate any responses.
> -- 
> CU,
>    Patrick.
No one is currently working on LDAP support in J2.
I suggest starting by reviewing the current J2 security implementation, 
which is based on JAAS, and see if you can find a good integration 
point for LDAP with our current design

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