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From "Grinshtein, Artem" <Artem.Grinsht...@t-systems.com>
Subject [J2] group and role hierarchy
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 14:21:50 GMT
Hello All,

IMHO, the term "hierarchical" is not clearly defined in jetspeed.  There is more than one
meaning for hierarchical roles/groups according to http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~ecl1/papers/rbac99.pdf.

For example, there're 3 hierarchical roles:
with persmissions:
grand R1 { permission P1 }
grand R1.1 { permission P2 }
grand R1.2 { permission P3 }

By a generalisation hierarchy ("is a"-hierarchy):
R1 has [P1]
R1 has [P1,P2]
R1 has [P1,P3]

and by a agrregation hierarchy ("part of")
R1 has [P1,P2,P3]
R1 has [P2]
R1 has [P3].

What type of hierarchy will be supported? Does it make any sence to support different types?


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