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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [J2] Menu implementation
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 10:36:53 GMT
I'd like to add a few comments to my proposal concerning the elements section of my example
(some of which
came up yesterday during a chat I had with David Sean Taylor).

Here's the elements section again:

     <!-- Folder elements displayed in the menu (in the current example in tabmenu if level
< 3 or in treemenu otherwise)
          in the order as defined

       <page id="page1"                         description="Page 1"/>
       <page ref="../../subfolder2/page8"/>
       <page ref="/subfolder1/subfolder2/page9" description="Page 9" />

       <folder id="subfolder1"/>
       <folder ref="/subfolder1/subfolder3"/>

       <link url="http://www.apache.org"     description="Home Apache"         target="_self"/>
       <link url="http://portals.apache.org" description="Home Apache Portals" target="outside"/>

       <!-- hidden elements -->
       <page id="page2" hidden="true"/>
       <folder id="subfolder2" hidden="true"/>


In my example all the elements for a menu node are specified, including those not to be displayed
(hidden). The 'hidden' elements really are redundant in this example if all elements are to
be specified.
So you can just leave them out.

But, you still need to specify all which should be displayed. Furthermore, the order in which
they are
displayed is derived from it.

One issue from the previous discussions was that we really should provide a intuitive and
easy menu configuration.
Although I think my proposal is very powerfull, it still requires a lot of configuration (but
far less then what's needed in J1).

Maybe different strategies can be defined for deriving the elements, and their order, so the
elements section isn't
always, or not at all, needed.
One way could be allowing 'hidden' and 'order' attributes on Page and Folder configurations.
Still, Link and element references will have to be defined. Maybe it could be done in separate
configurations (files) instead
of bundling them in one. Don't know if that would be an improvement though.

Concerning the 'intuitive' menu definition issue: maybe what is needed is a change of view.
In J1 you won't have a menu unless you define it (completely) on every page which needs one.
Using this proposal, you usually have a standard menu definition (tabmenu on the top, tree
menu on the left or something similar).
Only thing needed is a proper menu node configuration instead of a complete definition.
By default, a new Page could be automatically included in a menu unless it is made 'hidden'.
It really is more a question of in which folder 
the Page should go to get it in the correct menu.
And using Links and Page or Folder references is simply adding them to the correct folder
to get them included.
With Links and references the site navigation can be defined 'on top' of the folder structure.



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