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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [J2] Menu implementation
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 21:57:24 GMT

David Sean Taylor wrote:

> On Jun 18, 2004, at 2:31 PM, Ate Douma wrote:
>>>> What I'm still missing is where folder/menu specific configuration is
>>>> defined. Things like ordering (I've read JS2-69, but that doesn't tell
>>>> me more), ACL, menu rendering depth.
>>> If you look at the current PSML, ACLs are defined on the page and 
>>> fragment level
>> Yes. I know.
>> But I still don't know where to specify an ACL on a subfolder, or in 
>> which
>> order I want my pages / subfolders be displayed in a menu (other than
>> alphabetically).
> A subfolder is just a page (PSML) right?
Wow. I didn't get that one yet.
I have the impression Scott wants to derive folders directly from
filesystem folders.
His comment on 6/16/2004:
 >> Do I understand it now correctly that folders (for a file based Page Manager)
 >> are simply derived from filesystem folders?
 > That is how I see it.  Or possibly using a VFS file system.
Furthermore, how would that psml look like? If a folder is a page, a folder
contains pages, and pages are all defined in their own psml you need external
references to define containment...

> So the ACL is on the page in its respective PSML file
> For ordering, you need some metadata on the top level page
>> And, menu rendering depth probably will be the same for all pages within
>> a folder (and even pages within subfolders thereof).
>> Seems kinda strange to have to define this on each and every page.
> I think I misunderstand this. Wouldn't the menu for a page only have the 
> menu-items from the immediate subpages (by default) below it?
> The user could then add or remove(disable) as needed
Normally not.
Consider a menu of depth 2 (Scott's example).
If I'm on a page from depth 1 and navigate to a page from depth2 wouldn't I want
to see the exact same menu (only indicating a different selection).
And if I navigate to a page from depth 3 I probably again want to see the same
menu. The parent folder (depth 2) menu item should then be selected.
A tree type menu (on the left) of unlimited depth starting from depth 3 would then
indicate the current page selection.
This is only one use case but a valid and a very common one I think.

>> Menus based on folder navigation really are somewhat 'above' pages and 
>> even
>> folders.
>> I don't want to update all of them just to increase/decrease the depth.
> Im sorry but I don't understand what you are saying here
If you take the example I gave above, the menu (depth) configuration really should
be defined on the 'top' folder and be inherited/enforced below. If we need to define
this on or through each and every page definition it becomes troublesome to update it.

>>>> Menu rendering depth could be hard coded and/or configured within 
>>>> the layout
>>>> decoration but that would make it hard to modify through an Customizer.
>>> Why not have menu metadata in the PSML?
>> See above why that may not be so nice...
> You lost me again. Do you mean immediately above?
> The whole point of PSML is that has a model that can be customized.
> When you customize, you manipulate PSML
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