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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject Re: [J2] Menu implementation
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 15:50:31 GMT
As I'm the one who started this thread I will try to summerize the
different positions and proposals I can digest myself from it.
Before I do that though, if possible I would like a few more things
cleared up.

First of all, one (or more) response from Scott was never received on
the list (see my previous comment on this thread).
And, I asked a few questions which I didn't receive an answer to yet.
I will repeat them again below and hopefully Scott (or someone else)
can try to answer them.
I will then try to write a summary this weekend.

Scott T Weaver wrote:
 > This was exactly my reasoning for using menu/folder concept.  I think a
 > good compromise would be this: standard navigation would be built using
 > the folder concept.  However, we can introduce an optional "menu"
 > fragment that would be sourced from a .menu file that contained a
 > standardized xml format (like format proposed above).
 > Next we introduce the idea of a navigation renderer that would consume
 > and render either .menu files OR folder/page structures.

Per site or per root folder?

 > You could have
 > multiple navigation renders on a final portal page.  Renders could also
 > be limited on the number of levels they should render.  For example, you
 > could have tabbed renderer at the top of a page, and tell it to only
 > render the first 2 nested levels of folders.  Then on the left hand side
 > of the page, we have tree-like menu render that renders from level 3 on
 > down.

What I don't see how and where these folder navigation renderers are to be
defined. We need some kind of configuration for them...
Would you suggest special psml type definitions or something different?
If I interpreted this correctly I guess this can only be defined in/on the
root folder as all folders and pages below it will have to conform to the
same definition otherwise navigating within could lead to strange effects.
And possibly one standard site definition which could be overridden per
root folder?

I think I do like this proposal so far. I can even see we might not need
.menu file or embedded menu definitions after all.
Only having to define all these extra Pages (in contrast to the J1
implementation) which all reference the same decorators seems not so nice.
Furthermore, we would lose the ability to define acl inheritance etc. Or
should we also be able to define these on each folder? A folder really
is going to be much more than just a file system structure then...
And, these menus somehow are to be embedded into a rendered page.
Where are we to define these. In the page decorator?

Serge Huber wrote:

> I think it might also be a good idea if someone could summarize once 
> some kind of consensus is reached, or maybe update the existing spec, 
> because I must say this thread has not been very easy to follow, 
> especially for newcomers such as me :)
> Regards,
>   Serge Huber.
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