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From Ate Douma <...@douma.nu>
Subject [J2] Vote: move to maven 1.0-rc3 and cleanup properties
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 12:37:23 GMT
Hi all,

With the new maven-plugin several, yet undocumented, required properties were added.
I want to get these properly documented but after looking at the project.properties files
scattered throughout the codebase I've come to the conclusion that first performing a clean
of too many duplicated properties is in order and that we should use proper reverse url prefixes
for J2 specific properties (like: org.apache.jetspeed.server.home instead of catalina.home).

Since maven 1.0-rc3, project.properties is inherited from parent projects while
still allowing overrides.
This means we can define default values for required properties in J2/project.properties alone.
The ${USER_HOME}/build.properties can then be used to override those where needed, but out
the box it should already work without it.
Documenting (and keeping that up to date) of the required properties will also be much easier.

So, I propose we require maven-1.0-rc3 to be used for building and deploying J2.

If this is accepted I propose to clean up all the unneeded properties and ensure that all
the J2
specific properties use reverse url prefix (I'll do the work then).



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