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From Scott T Weaver <scotts-jetspeed-l...@binary-designs.net>
Subject Re: [J2] Menu implementation
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2004 12:54:24 GMT
On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 06:36, Ate Douma wrote:
> I'd like to add a few comments to my proposal concerning the elements section of my example
(some of which
> came up yesterday during a chat I had with David Sean Taylor).
> Here's the elements section again:
>      <!-- Folder elements displayed in the menu (in the current example in tabmenu
if level < 3 or in treemenu otherwise)
>           in the order as defined
>      -->
>      <elements>
>        <page id="page1"                         description="Page 1"/>
>        <page ref="../../subfolder2/page8"/>
>        <page ref="/subfolder1/subfolder2/page9" description="Page 9" />
>        <folder id="subfolder1"/>
>        <folder ref="/subfolder1/subfolder3"/>
>        <link url="http://www.apache.org"     description="Home Apache"         target="_self"/>
>        <link url="http://portals.apache.org" description="Home Apache Portals" target="outside"/>
>        <!-- hidden elements -->
>        <page id="page2" hidden="true"/>
>        <folder id="subfolder2" hidden="true"/>
>      </elements>

So, we are going to have to have meta-data to describe the folder?  I
thought links were going to be simple text files with urls in them, not
entries in meta-data.

> In my example all the elements for a menu node are specified, including those not to
be displayed
> (hidden). The 'hidden' elements really are redundant in this example if all elements
are to be specified.
> So you can just leave them out.
-1.  I think reversing it is a better idea so that only special cases
(like hidden) need to be specified.  The folder meta-data should be
entirely optional.

> But, you still need to specify all which should be displayed. Furthermore, the order
in which they are
> displayed is derived from it.
> One issue from the previous discussions was that we really should provide a intuitive
and easy menu configuration.
> Although I think my proposal is very powerfull, it still requires a lot of configuration
(but far less then what's needed in J1).

definte +1 on ease of use and heavy documentation ;)

> Maybe different strategies can be defined for deriving the elements, and their order,
so the elements section isn't
> always, or not at all, needed.
> One way could be allowing 'hidden' and 'order' attributes on Page and Folder configurations.
> Still, Link and element references will have to be defined. Maybe it could be done in
separate configurations (files) instead
> of bundling them in one. Don't know if that would be an improvement though.
Again, can't a link be a simple text file with a with a url or maybe it
contains an <a href=""> </a> tag in it.

> Concerning the 'intuitive' menu definition issue: maybe what is needed is a change of
> In J1 you won't have a menu unless you define it (completely) on every page which needs
> Using this proposal, you usually have a standard menu definition (tabmenu on the top,
tree menu on the left or something similar).
> Only thing needed is a proper menu node configuration instead of a complete definition.
> By default, a new Page could be automatically included in a menu unless it is made 'hidden'.
It really is more a question of in which folder 
> the Page should go to get it in the correct menu.

> And using Links and Page or Folder references is simply adding them to the correct folder
to get them included.
> With Links and references the site navigation can be defined 'on top' of the folder structure.
+1.  Simple and easy to understand, I like it.

> Regards,
> Ate
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