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From Raphaël Luta <raph...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [vote] Christophe Lombart
Date Sat, 15 May 2004 18:52:16 GMT
Le 15 mai 04, à 19:16, David Sean Taylor a écrit :
> On May 15, 2004, at 4:58 AM, Raphaël Luta wrote:
> [snip]
>>>> I would rather support creating a new subproject of Portals for 
>>>> JCMS, of which Christophe would of course be
>>>> a core committer.
>>>> I would then reconsider granting Christophe committership to 
>>>> Jetspeed itself but I simply don't see any
>>>> justification right now.
>>> Would you reconsider if I moved the code into Jetspeed-2's CVS, 
>>> where he could work there until the JCMS subproject was created?
>>> As you know, this code originated out of Jetspeed-1 CVS, a while 
>>> back. Christophe has been with us all this time, diligently working 
>>> on the code.
>>> I believe we have done him a disservice by not nominating him sooner.
>>> The fact that the code has existing outside of Apache for this long 
>>> is a mistake on all of our parts.
>>> Im just trying to rectify it by moving it back, and properly 
>>> developing the Apache way.
>> I believe the proper place for JCMS is as its own sub-project. It's 
>> probably too big and complex to be considered
>> a simple component of J2 and can possibly be used with other 
>> pluto-based portals, so it probably deserves to be
>> a direct Portals sub-project.
>>> Otherwise we can wait until the JCMS subproject is created.
>>> Perhaps its just me, but my experiences with incubation and Apache 
>>> bureaucracy of late has been a bad one.
>>> I really just want to get on with it, get this situation rectified, 
>>> and Im afraid that going through the incubator channels would mean a 
>>> delay of months.
>> I'd be more confortable following the standard incubation process and 
>> I'm definitely willing to help you speed it
>> with the Incubator team so that we don't face undue delay.
> I discussed this situation with Noel from incubation.
> JCMS will be going through incubation to become a subproject of 
> Portals.

In this case, I propose that we postpone a vote on Christophe until 
JCMS is located in the ASF and develops a little
recognition for itself. I'll then be happy to support Christophe as a 
jetspeed committer should he still wish to work on
Jetspeed and not concentrate on JCMS.

Raphaël Luta - raphael@apache.org
Apache Jetspeed - Enterprise Portal in Java

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